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Your motivation, drive and goals

What’s Your “WHY”?

We partner with individuals, families or small businesses who take initiatives toward financial independence and building their legacy.

Debt Free Life

- Learn How to Become Debt Free
- Save Time and Interest
- Set up an Emergency Fund
- Increase Cash Flow to Save and Invest

Legacy Protection

- Secure Your Income
- Prepare For Retirement
- Guard Against Accidents & Catastrophic Illness
- Create Long-Term Care Plan

Business Services

- ERC Qualification: post-pandemic stimulus under CARES ACT
- Affiliate programs
- Referral partnerships

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Dexter Baptiste

Through Discipline Comes Freedom ​

– Aristotle

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Helping you get out of debt - only if you are serious about it

for individuals & families

Fulfill Your Dreams

If you think the price of WINING is too high, wait until you get the bill from REGRET.”

– Tim Grover

our mission

Trust us to protect your legacy

We provide customised plans for our partners in financing and insurance. We develop the pathway for YOU to get there.

Budget planning
Investments Candlesticks

Build, Grow and Protect

Your LEGACY ... In Your Lifetime!

The Legacy Protector

Debt Elimination, Insurance and Financial Services

Protecting legacies one family at a time
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